Burdett Estate

A big thank you to the Burdett Independent Community Welfare Organisation for organising a successful public show of opposition to proposals which will severely damage their community.  I was glad to lend THGP support to their campaign and below I publish my submission to the Council opposing this overdevelopment of an estate.

IMG_0416 IMG_0410

84 Antill Road


E3 5BP

Planning Department

Directorate of Development and Renewal

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Anchorage House

5 Clove Crescent

PO Box 55739


E14 1BY

Dear Madam/Sir

Re: Application PA/14/02618

I am writing to OPPOSE the above application planned for the Burdett Estate.

I am the Chair of Tower Hamlets Green Party. I have been contacted by members of the Burdett Independent Community Welfare Organisation (BICWO) and I have visited the proposed site and discussed the application with a number of residents, including a number from local community organisations and the local Mosque. I have found unanimous opposition to the plans as proposed.

Moreover there is a very strong feeling that any consultation process has been wholly inadequate. To that end you may well already be aware that BICWO carried out their own consultation with local residents, and I have seen a copy of their report.

The overwhelming feeling is that the views of local residents have not been taken into account and the planning process is taking place without their concerns being taken into account. They feel so strongly that they are continuing to consult residents and arrange for a growing and impressive campaign to be put in place.

It is not the case that they are opposed to regeneration, nor do they fail to appreciate the need for new schools.

However this plan will lead to the over development of the area.

You will be aware that it will create a school right across the road from the existing Stebon Primary School, itself currently the subject of substantial enlargement at the expense of open space and football and recreation areas.

The estate is predominantly flats making outside space essential for recreation, sporting facilities, and social interactions. It is a close knit community and the new school does not fit easily into that environment.

The new housing does not meet the identified needs of the local community.

But overwhelmingly the feeling is that this is just a development of this estate too far depriving the residents of space, light and recreation facilities. There is extremely strong opposition, and this opposition is not reflected in the way this application has reached the current stage.

I ask that the plan is NOT dealt with yet, but that proper and meaningful consultation is carried out with the residents. It would be an extremely unhappy situation to impose a school and residences in the teeth of such strong local opposition. This would not be in the interests of either the existing community or those seeking to join it.

Proper and meaningful consultation must be an integral part of such a dramatic imposition to a community and it seems perfectly clear that no such thing has occurred in this case.

I trust my views will be taken into account when this application is being processed.

Yours faithfully

Alistair Polson

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