No Silvertown Tunnel

TFL plan to build a PFI tunnel from Silvertown on the north of the Thames to Greenwich in the south costing £750m.  There is growing opposition on both sides of the river and the Greens are at the forefront.  The plan is to toll not just the new tunnel but Blackwall as well!


We all know that the Blackwall Tunnel is a pinch point for traffic.  But this is not the answer to the problems.  And here’s why.

At the moment some people are prepared to wait long times to use the existing crossings.  New crossings will increase the numbers of people who think that crossing by car is a good idea.  All experiences have demonstrated that if you increase the capacity, you vastly increase the use.  It cultivates road use.  In the end therefore it fails to tackle congestion.  The delays are the same.

The damage is two fold.  First, the pollution from the vastly increased use of cars.  Our air quality in East London is already an international disgrace and a silent killer.  Increasing traffic will severely increase this problem.

Second, where is all this traffic to go once it had gone through the tunnels?  The answer is down your street.  The roads of Tower Hamlets already struggle to cope with the existing amount of traffic.  There is no room for more.

The only solution is proper, increased capacity and new provision of public transport.  East London and South East London are the worst served areas for public transport.  It is essential this is addressed.  We need the new DLR crossing, we need the Bakerloo line extension.

These are the real solutions to these problems.  Have we really not learned the lessons of the M25??

We will fighting alongside the communities who are opposing this mad project.  Because these communities are our communities.

There is a consultation open at the moment.  Visit the No to Silvertown Tunnel website to find out how to make your voice heard.

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