Save our Surgeries

You cannot have failed to notice the SOS banners adorning all of our local GP surgeries.


How on earth, when we spend so much on our health services, which in Tower Hamlets are facing greater and greater demands, can we be facing surgery closures?

It is a scandal.

I have found out from those who know about these things how fiendishly complicated GP funding is.  But the long and the short of it is cuts.  Real cuts.  And deep cuts.  Our GP surgeries really are under threat, some are very likely to close unless we all rally round and fight for them.

Several surgeries have been saved for now by concerted campaigns by managers, doctors and patients standing together.  But the threat is real and immediate.

Please find out if your local GP surgery is under imminent threat, and if so take whatever action they are asking for to help.

There is so much waste in the so called ‘internal market’ of the health service that to be cutting back GP services is utter madness.  This is where everyone agrees the future lies, not in expensive hospitals.  We all prefer to be treated by good quality, easily accessible local services.  That these just happen to the cheapest form of treatment is a happy coincidence.  To be threatening them with closure is to threaten the whole service.

The Green Party stand shoulder to shoulder with the brave Doctors and staff who have been fighting these disastrous cuts, and we will continue to do so.

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